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Asking African hunks to speak for themselves and recording videos in front of the pyramid…these blessings are so creative.

What do you usually give to friends on festive days such as birthdays, weddings, and opening of businesses?Do you often rack your brains because you are afraid of giving the same things as others?

That is to find a group of African brothers to shoot you a blessing video, which is both innovative and interesting.And recording a blessing video in front of the Egyptian pyramids.

Another example is Ukrainian beauties sending blessings, African aunts sending blessings, etc.

We often call it creative blessings such as “foreigner birthday wishes”, “African blessings”, “muscle man blessings” and so on…

35-year-old Susan said that she is a trendy person and usually likes to pursue some novel things. Yesterday, she ordered a blessing video recorded by an African muscular man and sent it to her best friend to wish her a happy birthday.

Peter born in the 90s: I like this unconventional and creative way of birthday greetings, and it is customized and the only one.

Li, an 18-year-old student, happily shared: I have never been to Egypt. I think it would be interesting if I could record a blessing video in front of the pyramids.

We found that young people are generally more receptive to new-style birthday gifts and holiday blessings from foreigners. In contrast, middle-aged and elderly people smiled when they heard the news. In fact, which kind of blessing is not important, what is important is that others really feel your blessing.

The New Year is coming, have you thought about your blessings?

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