funny birthday wishes video

How did the photo and video of the popular African muscular man sending blessings come out?

The most powerful way to send blessings and advertise is: on TV? Make newspaper headlines? On social media?

I’m sorry, I’m afraid that these high-end communication methods will lose to a small video of less than 10 seconds today…

In the video, a group of enthusiastic, handsome and muscular African men, separated by different time differences, hold signs and shout to us and send blessings. Although they are far away, it does not affect the crazy popularity of these videos in TikTok and Instagram groups.

With non-standard pronunciation of various countries, coupled with bright smiles and big white teeth, this group of African boys convey “magic” happiness on major social media around the world.

Creative blessings from foreigners only require the customer to prepare a text blessing within 15 words in advance. In addition, they can also prepare photos of the birthday party and let the photographer print them out.
The price of overseas creative birthday greetings is generally a few dollars, which is quite a bargain, and the shooting is basically completed within 48 hours and sent to the customer’s mailbox very quickly, which makes the customer very satisfied.

We hope everyone can cherish these blessings we captured. Behind every blessing is the hard work of our photographers, and we also want to collect the best blessings in the world for you.

We would also like to thank everyone for their understanding, tolerance and support along the way.

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