funny 40th birthday video messages

Although the African hunk blessing video is very strange, why do so many people still like it?

Why is the African blessing video so popular?

If you are on a birthday, promotion, housewarming, etc., your friend made a video like this for you.I’m sure you’ll not only be pleasantly surprised, but you’ll feel free to repost it on social media and share it with your friends, and that’s where its value lies.

①The difference is obvious

Compared with other birthday gifts such as cups, books, red envelopes, furniture and home appliances, giving a friend a [Blessing Video of African Muscle Man] is thoughtful and different, and satisfies many people’s desire for novelty.

②Satisfy the desire to share

If someone gives you a book or a pen, you should not spread the word everywhere.But if you receive such a blessing video, 99% of you will send it to Moments, friend groups, or privately one-on-one.Because it allows you to get second blessings and likes from others.


One of the biggest benefits of African blessing videos is personalized customization. As long as you provide the other person’s name and blessing words, you can get a real person blessing video.You can also make other requests, such as choosing to print photos, whether you need to kiss photos, etc.

This is different from traditional gifts, and you can usually get the work within 48 hours.

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