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Hi, we are global-wishes, mainly engaged in photographing blessings around the world. We have been founded for 9 years. We started with a simple vision, which is to combine innovative blessings with helping people in some countries and regions, so that people can be in a happy atmosphere. Get interesting blessings.

funny 40th birthday video messages

Why Choose Us

Advantage 1

Exclusive customization, no repetition

Advantage 2

We can shoot it within 24 hours at the fastest, which is more than 48 hours compared to others.

Advantage 3

Single-handed shooting, clear video sent directly to your inbox with less compression

Advantage 4

The lowest price, self-owned team, no middlemen to make the difference

Custom process

Place your order with confidence, arrange it conveniently, and shoot at high speed.

Process 1

Choose the blessing team you want to shoot

Process 2

Fill in the text you want to bless (try to keep it around 15 words, to avoid the copy is too long and the blackboard cannot be written)

Process 3

Choose from optional extras like photo prints, kiss photos, custom music, and more

Process 4

Fill in your email address, pay, and wait for the finished product to be sent to your email within 24 hours at the fastest and 48 hours at the slowest.

Our Team

We have carried out in-depth cooperation with nearly 15 teams and 100+ sets of clothing in many countries around the world, which is very comprehensive…

Capturing the Essence of a Milestone: Creating the Perfect 40th Birthday Wishes Video

White Pants Muscle Male – Red Wall

Shoot over 350 orders per day+

Blue Pants Muscle Men’s Team

Shoot over 300 orders per day+

Huluwa Muscle Team

Shoot over 200 orders per day+

Birthday Wishes Video Service

Military Police Muscle Team

Shoot over 300 orders per day+


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