Worldwide Blessings Video Shooting Agent Recruitment

Global-wishes, the global first-hand shooting resource docking, looks forward to achieving a win-win situation with you and delivering more happiness!


Market demand analysis

1. Global on-site shooting customization, personalized service, no repetition.

2. Different from conventional birthday gifts, global blessings are not yet widespread, and there is still a lot of room for promotion in the market.

3. No logistics delay, reducing customer after-sales problems caused by long waiting time.

4. Global blessing products are constantly updated and iterated, clothing and teams are constantly upgraded, and cooperative countries are added.

5. Global-wishes has first-hand shooting resources for franchise cooperation, without middlemen, to maximize your interests after agency.


How to become an agent?

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You have 2 options:

①If you are a newcomer and have no experience, you can directly take pictures of our recruitment-agency product options, and then we will provide you with product training and agency quotations, so that you can win at the starting line on the way to promote global blessing videos;

②If you have been operating and promoting before, and the order volume is more than 10 orders per day, you can negotiate the agency price separately.

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