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Blue Pants Muscle Men's Team - global-wishes

Blue Pants Muscle Men’s Team


they will greet, dance and sing for your birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc. they can speak in english/mandarin/indonesia etc.

You will get :1 shouting video (Reading the copy on the blackboard+dancing at will)+1 electronic photo of the same video

【matters needing attention】:

1. After shooting, it will be sent to your reserved email account;

2. Please understand that the real product will not be returned or changed after the order is placed;

3. It should be completed within 48 hours normally, unless there are uncontrollable factors such as heavy rain, please make arrangements in advance;

4. Refuse abusive, political and other documents, and contact customer service in advance if unsure;

  • *Text spoken (up to 20 words)

    *Photo Print

    Kissing photo

    Upload an image:

    *Customize music

    Music(link, playing time, artist, song)

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